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Ridiculous Winches

Winch Upgrades

Additional Winch Line (see PARTS page for pricing)
"S" Handle for Transporting +$35.00
Custom Powder Coat colors (spool and frame) +$250.00


-7hp 4-stroke Subaru engine with 2 year manufacturer's warranty 
-Torque Converter for low power torque (deep water starts) 
-15" diameter spool capable of holding up to 4800 ft 
-600 feet of our signature Ridiculous Winches winch line (see PARTS page for additional line)
-All CNC machined components made 100% here in the Ridiculous Winches factory 
-All powder coated parts ready to sustain the most harsh conditions 
-Unique single stake/auger kit (with pin and rod to drive and set in ground)
-Motor tensioner bracket for making chain tensioning a breeze 
-Motor/hitch mount ready for transporting or "poaching" spots (get in and out quick!)

Price: $1699.00
(plus freight & crate)
Capabilities... Recommendations from the crew...

-Deep water starting capabilities up to 225 lbs 
-Adjustable throttle providing speeds from 1 - 30 mph (factors are size of rider, board of choice, ride style)
-Highest torque producing and fastest rpm turning small engine on the maket! 
-One gallon of gas = 7 hours continuous ride time

-This winch was designed not only with reliability and compactness in mind but also with the capability of providing a super sick pull for those on a budget. 
-Great winch for surfers, wakeboarders, kneeboarders, wakeskaters, water skiers, even tubers believe it or not!   
-Great unit for the experienced or the beginner because of the ability to control the speed from a crawl to a HAUL!